Our Technology

Material Transformation 

INTALUS has redefined materials transformation for manufacturing by dramatically improving component performance, reducing replacement costs and extending operational up time

ther·mo·dy·nam·ics [ˌTHərmōˌdīˈnamiks] NOUN 1. the branch of physical science that deals with the relations between heat and other forms of energy (such as mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy), and, by extension, of the relationships between all forms of energy.

Targeted Particle Infusion

Ceramic Integration

Accurate placement and depth control of ceramic infusion

Production in non-toxic, ambient atmosphere

Tailorable properties of the processed component

No size limitations

Sustainable Process

Our Process & Materials 


New Process

A patented process to generate tailored surface properties integrated into the substrate material. The process is adaptable to several surface and substrate materials.


New Materials

Ceramic + Metal hybrid material. An integrative ceramic layer into a transition metal enhancing material characteristics such as hardness, wear endurance, corrosion resistance, thermal, friction coefficient, functional performance, and many more.


Manufacturing Process Challenges We Meet

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Grinding at the nanoscale
  • Machining with high precision

Manufacturing Materials We Master

  • Ceramic materials
  • Multi-material structures
  • Refractory Metals

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