Integrative Material Technology

INTALUS is reshaping the landscape of material enhancement for the manufacturing industry. As materials innovators, we transcend conventional coatings and alloys to provide unparalleled solutions for corrosion, erosion, wear, and thermal distortion.

INTALUS has redefined materials transformation for manufacturing by leveraging our depth of expertise in tribology, engineering, applications and materials to develop new processes and materials.

New Process

A patented process to generate tailored surface properties integrated into the substrate material. The process is adaptable to several surface and substrate materials.

New Materials

Ceramic + Metal hybrid material. An integrative ceramic layer into a transition metal enhancing material characteristics such as hardness, wear endurance, corrosion resistance, thermal, friction coefficient, functional performance, and many more.

About Us

INTALUS stands apart because we recognized that new materials and new expectations mean manufacturers need more than a new product. They need a transformative technology.

Through a patent pending process and ongoing research and development, we provide the most effective industrial solutions in surface treatments, friction reduction, and corrosion elimination.

At INTALUS, we use imagination, inspiration and ingenuity to transform manufacturing.

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